The first edition of ODI Orchidaceae Dance Intensive will take place in Lisbon, 7th to 13th September.

This is a very important project for us. We are preparing a week of full immerse in our world, teaching the dance techniques that we work with, opening our internal Company rehearsals and offering a full pack of classes at Jazzy Dance Studios.

We will have a full week, 7 days of training, between technique / theory / improvisation in different dance styles. This training will be led by Orchidaceae members, one or two teachers for each style approached.  In the end of each 6 hour day classes, there will be the opportunity of attend the regular classes at Jazzy Dance Studios. These classes will be selected with each one of the students, respecting their focus, curiosity and objectives, setting a personal training for each one. We will open our company work (during the weekend), making the participants part of our method of creating, sharing and practice, making them part of the group, receiving and giving inputs.

In the end of the weekend we will integrate the battle/jam “My Own Style” (as participants or audience, free choice), where different dancers, from different backgrounds are part of several musics and freestyle challenges, sharing their own dance research and style.


WEEK 7 to 11 September
Monday to Friday | 10 am to 1 pm and 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm
Classes: Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, Urban Fusion Belly Dance, Hip Hop, Popping, Waacking, Floorwork, Contemporary Dance, House Dance, Capoeira

Monday to Friday | 5.30 pm to 10.30 pm
Free Pass Jazzy Dance Studios
Classes: Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, Bellydance, Hip Hop, Popping, Waacking, Contemporary Fusion, Contemporary Dance, Breakdance, House Dance, Krump, Dancehall, Kuduro, Salsa, Kizomba, Ballroom Dance, Bachata, Tango, Sevilhanas, Flamenco, Stretching, more… (the classes will be chosen with each student regarding their personal goals)

Orchidaceae Urban Tribal rehearsals
Saturday | 10 am to 1 pm and 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm
Sunday | 10 am to 1 pm and “My Own Style Jam” (afternoon)


Orchidaceae Urban Tribal is a dance company where Tribal Fusion Belly Dance meets Hip Hop inspired by Popping, Waacking, Vogue and Contemporary Dance. We try to melt the barriers of language, fusing our skills and knowledge through our different dance backgrounds. We are a collective of female dancers, artists, life lovers that work and think about the urban context and constantly seek the connection between several artistic strands. The definition of our work drinks of miscegenation of influences and crossroads of cultures.

Our first dance project was called ButterflieSoulFlow, a female Hip Hop dance crew specialized in Breakdance, New Style and House Dance created in 2006. We kept dancing and researching, working mostly between the urban movement and contemporary dance in personal projects or with other groups and dance companies.


In 2012, after seven years of individual work in Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, Piny decided to get together with some other crazy dance lovers and create Orchidaceae, a Tribal Fusion Belly Dance troupe.

We merge the traditional and modern, old and new, natural and built. We have the same passion for the stage as for informal presentation spaces such as streets, warehouses, factories and we move comfortably in both. We adapt to different realities with enthusiasm. We are natural freestylers.

Orchidaceae Urban Tribal was born from these two collectives (the Hip Hop crew "ButterflieSoulFlow" (founded in 2006) and the Orchidaceae Tribal Fusion (founded in 2012)), fruit of the desire to create within an urban vocabulary and fusing different styles that apparently do not cross.

Our family moves around the urban styles (Breakdance, House, Hip Hop, Capoeira, Waacking, Vogue and Tap), a more industrial and urban version of belly dance (Tribal Fusion Belly Dance) and Contemporary Dance.

We love to break stereotypes and be able to affirm our feminine side in several ways, never the same, just doing what we feel like to.

Moved by art our main expression is dance. We move with music and for the music.


Piny is a dreamer, an art lover, a passionate and intense performer and a dedicated teacher with a special taste for challenges and breaking boundaries. Born in Lisbon she is a non-conventional performer always looking for new approaches and new understandings of movement. At 17 she finished a 3 years course in Drawing, followed by a year of Graphic Design, while she was finishing her BA in Architecture. Later she finished a post-graduation in Scenography and completed a BA in Contemporary Dance and Creation, while working as an Architect. During all this, she kept dancing. She did her first Bellydance class in 2000 but felt deeply in love with Hip Hop in 2003. In 2006, to express her love for breakdance, graffiti and vinyl records, she founded with her friends a female Hip Hop crew called ButterflieSoulflow. In 2009 she integrated the all styles Hip Hop crew Jukebox Project, where they develop work around Popping, Locking, New Style and Breakdance. With her crews she battles and performs. The passionate and relentless search for new approaches and new vocabularies, led her to travel on a national and international level to learn, listen and understand the different styles. Her main areas of work are Breakdance, House Dance, Lofting, Waacking, Contemporary Dance and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, always as a research lifetime project. As a Contemporary dancer she has choreographed solo and group pieces shown in different national festivals, and has been working as a dancer for several choreographers. In 2012 she founded Orchidaceae Urban Tribal where the Hip Hop background meets Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. It’s a dream project just starting to grow.

[Piny's YouTube page]


Piny [artistic director] Leo Kenzi Cookie Blue Moony Silvia Mary

Regular Classes

- Monday
18h30-19h30 | House 0 | LEO | Jazzy Dance Studios-Santos [link]
19h30-20h30 | House II | LEO | Jazzy Dance Studios-Santos [link]

- Tuesday
18h30-19h30 | Floorwork I | PINY | Jazzy Dance Studios-Santos [link]
19h30-20h30 | Tribal Fusion Belly Dance I | PINY | Jazzy Dance Studios-Santos [link]
20h30-21h30 | Waacking | PINY | Jazzy Dance Studios-Santos [link]
21h30-22h30 | House III | LEO | Jazzy Dance Studios-Santos [link]

- Wednesday
19h30-20h30 | Hip Hop I | LEO | Jazzy Dance Studios-Santos [link]
19h30-20h30 | House 0 | MARIA | Jazzy Dance Studios-Saldanha [link]
20h30-21h30 | House I | LEO | Jazzy Dance Studios-Santos [link]
20h30-21h30 | Hip Hop 0 | MARIA | Jazzy Dance Studios-Saldanha [link]

- Thursday
18h30-19h30 | Floorwork II | PINY | Jazzy Dance Studios-Santos [link]
20h30-21h30 | Urban Fusion | PINY | Jazzy Dance Studios-Santos [link]
21h30-22h30 | Tribal Fusion Belly Dance II | PINY | Jazzy Dance Studios-Santos [link]

- Friday
19h30-20h30 | House | MARIA | Jazzy Dance Studios-Saldanha [link]

- Saturday
12h30-13h30 | Hip Hop | MARIA | Jazzy Dance Studios-Saldanha [link]


|| 17 - 19 JuneLiège | Tribal VoodooPiny & Leo

|| 8 - 10 July | Bratislava | Tribal Beads | Piny & Leo

|| 1 - 7 August | Castelo de Vide | Festival Andanças | Orchidaceae

|| 14 - 16 AugustIdanha-a-Nova | Boom Festival | Orchidaceae

|| 31 Aug - 4 Sep | Paris | Gates to Fusion | Piny

|| 5 - 18 SeptemberLisbon | ODI Orchidaceae Dance Intensive | Orchidaceae

|| 4 - 6 November | Wolverhampton | Infusion Emporium | Piny


Past events


|| 10-12 June | Hannover | Tribal Festival Hannover (Piny) || 27-29 May | Roma | Roma Tribal Meeting (Kenzi) || 6-8 May | Warsaw | Tribal Hafla (Piny) || 22-24 April | Berlin | Orchidaceae Berlin Weekend (Orchidaceae) || 15-17 April | Stockholm | Tribal Eclipse (Leo) || 8-10 April | Tallin | Infusion Tallin (Piny) || 1-3 April | Toulouse | Ethnik Season (Piny) || 11-13 March | Lisbon | TribaLx - Orchidaceae Performance || 22-24 January | Paris | BellyFusions - Orchidaceae Performance


|| 4-6 December | Barcelona | The Tribal Experience (Piny, Leo, Kenzi, many others) - Orchidaceae Performance || 20-22 November | Rome | Tribal Trip (Piny, Leo, Violet Scrap, Illan Rviere) - Orchidaceae Performance || 14-15 November | Rotterdam | Shimmy Shake (Piny, Leo) || 30Oct-1Nov | Wolverhampton | Infusion Emporium (Leo, Heather Stants, Kari Unmata, Yahna) || 23-25 October | Padova | Umbra vol. 3 (Leo, Doriana Rossi) || 16-18 October | Brest | Voyageurs Imobilles (Piny, Leo, Violet Scrap, Caroline Faou, Rozenn Dubreuil, Emile) || 25-27 September | Turku | Tribal Together (Piny, Sabriye Tekbilek) || 7-13 September | Lisbon | ODI Orchidaceae Dance Intensive || 3-6 September | Paris | Gates to Fusion (Piny, Anasma, Linda Faoro, Tjarda) || 3-9 August | Castelo de Vide | Festival Andanças - Orchidaceae Performance || 19 July | Lisbon | Jazzy Dance Studios - Darkirkos - Orchidaceae Performance || 22-25 May | Brighton | Tribal Remix || 16 May | Lisbon | Belém Art Fest || 9-10 May | Berlin | Orchidaceae Berlin Weekend || 13-15 Mar | Lisbon | TribaLx || Feb | New Dehli | Raqs Experiment || 29-31 Jan | Madrid | Shams Festival || 16-18 Jan | Paris | BellyFusions ||


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